A Little History
In 1943, I was born in Watsonville's, Community Hospital in California, USA. I graduated from Watsonville High School in 1961 and earned a bachelors in 1966 and an MBA in 1970 from San Jose State.
I worked for Lockheed starting in the late 60s and from 1978 to my retirement in 2007, for 
Kaiser Permanente. I've developed some competitive skills playing duplicate bridge, becoming an ACBL Ruby Life Master in Unit 500 of District 21 in 2005. I've enjoyed exploring personal computers and the Internet, trying to absorb it all. When my mom passed away in 1998, I was elected by my siblings to receive family history documents and continue with genealogy research she started. I was married to Diane Louise Silva from Feb 14, 1982 until her death on May 30, 2018. She did some amazing research into her Azores ancestry and explained how to do it in a Power Point presentation and a list of links.

Bay Area Fire Information
Here's several links that may help with the recent air quality problems:
News Flash
 - Do you ever need clip art for that great project you're working on? Well, try Googling the word "Clipart" plus a word describing clipart you need, then [RETURN]. A large number of useable images will be displayed. Using the Bing.com search engine, you may come up with additional images (Visit http://bing.com and then type "Clipart" plus other search terms(s) then [RETURN]. For example try typing in (without the quotes) "Clipart Genealogy" in both Google and Bing.

Stuff I'm working on
On December 23, 2017 Ancestry.com disabled the Rootsweb.com web site (See reason in their 
blog post) with no notice. Four web sites I manage had to be recreated: For the following please use the following web sites.
Started working on my vacation cruise web site http://cruise.bdgeorge.com again in Dec. 2017. Originally created with DreamWeaver in 2007, I started using iWeb (example Mexico Cruise) when I converted to Apple computers in 2007. Apple discontinued iWeb about 5 yrs ago, so I returned to Dreamweaver. Decided to try another product in 2017, RapidWeaver 7 (now version 8) and I retooled the Cruise pages.

I started maintaining the 
Indiana County U.S. Pennsylvania, Genweb Web Site on August 20, 2012, added Santa Cruz County, California Sept. 20, 2015 and added Mendocino County, California in 2017. Also have http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~billgeorge which is currently down due to the Rootsweb outage.

My mother's genealogy... starting with Henry Austin Snider, my mother's maternal grandfather, born in Ohio in 1868. He has descendants in all over the west (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, California etc). I'm also working on my George line from time to time, but it's slow going. I've identified Samuel George b. 1815, d. 1889, m. 1842 from Indiana County, Pennsylvania as my 2nd great grandfather and am attempting to find his father who was Irish according to the 1880 census (of Samuel and Emily George, residing in Sandy Lake, Mercer County, PA since 1871). I volunteered to maintain the Indiana County, Pennsylvania 
GenWeb site to get some perspective on the area Samuel George lived in for most of his life.

Membership in several local Genealogy groups... San Ramon Genealogical Society 
http://srvgensoc.org (SIG Coordinator) , East Bay Genealogical Society currently located at https://caebaygs.wdgeo.com, Hayward Area Genealogical Society currently located at http://cahags.wdgeo.com) (webmaster), Livermore Amador Valley Genealogical Society http://l-ags.org and Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group http://svcgg.org in Santa Clara.

Castro Valley Library twice-monthly Genealogy Study Group meeting, helped my wife conduct this meeting. The class is held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays from 10:30am - 12:30pm. Wayne Ainsworth took over the class in May, 2018 and is now the leader. The library has a list of events on their web site and http://cacvgg.bdgeorge has been set up to support the class.

Macintosh Genealogy Society I started in 2009 that has 2nd Wed. 7pm, monthly meetings at the Oakland FamilySearch Library. See http://www.macgen.org.

I play ACBL Duplicate bridge in the 
Southern Alameda County, ACBL Unir 500 and have advanced to the Ruby Life Master category (between 1500-2500 master points). Helped manage the Unit 499, 500 and 501 websites back in "the day".

Attend occasional computer group meetings, PC Community 
http://pcc.org, San Leandro Macintosh User Group http://slmug.org, Diablo Valley Macintosh User Group http://dvmug.org, San Leandro Computer Club (http://slcc.bdgeorge.com) for Atari Computers and The Nybblers (TRS-80). Sad to note that the Tri-Valley Mac User Group, of which I was a member, folded shop in November, 2015.

Photography, stamp collecting, keyboard playing to a lesser degree.

I've accumulated many of my favorite genealogy links on my personal 
Genealogy web page. One link that's really cool is http://www.zillow.com/ that lets you be very nosy and see what home prices are.
I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They are easy to set up, and are FREE, as are 
Blogspot blogs. FYI, Facebook allows you to create a free personal Facebook "Page" in addition to your own Facebook News Feed.

Internet Presence

Not So Active

Useful Stuff

My wife Diane Louise Silva George and I were happily married from 1982 until her death May 30, 2018. She had a passion for computing, painting, photography, miniatures and genealogy.

My families (Paternal is George, Maternal is Pardee) had get togethers annually but have waned with people passing away and getting older. I collected photos from past gatherings (see below). If you are a family member and are interested, please 
contact me.

Computer Groups
I've helped to start several computer user groups since 1978. All continue to exist (April, 2020).
  • 1979 - TRS-Nybblers - for TRS-80 Computers, Windows and DOS. Rebranded as "The Nybblers", at 7:30 pm a meeting is held the 3rd Friday of each month at Ron Ring's house. Request information by sending me an e-mail.
  • 1983 - San Leandro Computer Club - For Atari Computers, SLCC meets on the first Tues. of the month, 7pm at the San Leandro Community Library on Estudillo. Contact Robbie Bridges at (510) 797-5636 or rrbridges@comcast.net.
  • 1988 - PC Clubhouse, - For IBM PC's and compatibles. It meets at 7:30 pm, 1st Friday of each month. See the web site for details. The name evolved to PC Community.
  • 2009 - MacGen for Mac computer users who are interested in Genealogy. See http://www.macgen.org

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